Shujuan Bao - Visiting Scholar
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BS, Ili Normal College of Xinjiang (1998)
MSc, Xinjiang University (2003)
PhD, Lanzhou University (2006)
Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University (2006-2008)
Professor, Xinjiang University (2008-2012)
Professor, Southwest University (2012-Present)


Dr. Shujuan Bao’s research interests mainly focus on the controlled synthesis of nanomaterials and exploration of their unique microstructure and corresponding physical/chemical properties such as optical, electrochemical properties and biomedical applications. Dr. Bao was the PI of two projects of the Natural Science Foundation of China, two projects of the Natural Science Foundation from Xinjiang and Chongqing. She was also supported by the Program for Excellent Talents in Chongqing. She has published over 100 SCI papers, holds 2 issued patents. H-index is 28.

Publications and Presentations:

  • Ya-Nan Yu, Shi-Yu Lu, S-J. Bao, Qiang-Qiang Sun, Sheng-hui Liao Nanostring-cluster hierarchical structured Bi2O3: Synthesis, evolution and application in biosensing, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18(3), 1931-1936, 2016.
  • Min-Qiang Wang, Cui Ye, , S-J. Bao, Bimetal-organic-frameworks-derived yolk-shell-structured porous Co2P/ZnO@PC/CNTs hybrids for highly sensitive non-enzymatic detection of superoxide anion released from living cells. Chemical Communications, 52, 12442-12445, 2016.
  • Min-Qiang Wang, Cui Ye, , S-J. Bao, Ni(II)-Based Metal-Organic Framework Anchored on Carbon Nanotubes for Highly Sensitive Non-Enzymatic Hydrogen Peroxide Sensing, Electrochimica Acta, 190, 365-370, 2016.
  • Min-Qiang Cui Ye, S-J. Bao, Nanostructured cobalt phosphates as excellent biomimetic enzymes to sensitively detect superoxide anions released from living cells, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 87, 998-1004, 2016.
  • Min-Qiang Cui Ye, S-J. Bao, Platanus hispanica-inspired design of Co–carbon nanotube frameworks through chemical vapor deposition: a highly integrated hierarchical electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reactions, Chemical Communications, 52, 12992-12995, 2016.
  • Sun Qiang-Qiang, Xu, Maowen, S-J. Bao, pH-controllable synthesis of unique nanostructured tungsten oxide aerogel and its sensitive glucose biosensor, Nanotechnology, 26(11), 115602, 2015.
  • Jinjin Li, Yanan Yu, S-J. Bao, Qiang-qiang Sun, Experimental investigation of the important influence of pretreatment process of thermally exfoliated graphene on their microstructure and supercapacitor performance, Electrochimica Acta, 180,187-193, 2015.
  • S-J. Bao, Lei Chao, Xu Mao-Wen, Environmentally-friendly biomimicking synthesis of TiO2 nanomaterials using saccharides to tailor morphology, crystal phase and photocatalytic activity, CrystEngComm, 15(23), 4694-4699, 2013.
  • S-J. Bao, Li Chang-Ming, Zang Jian-Feng, New nanostructured TiO2 for direct electrochemistry and glucose sensor applications, Advanced Functional Materials, 18 (4), 591-599, 2008.
  • S-J. Bao, Bao Qiao-Liang, Li Chang-Ming, Synthesis and electrical transport of novel channel-structured beta-AgVO3, Small, 3(7), 1174-1177, 2007.